The schools debating competition normally starts on the second Wednesday in March, with registrations open from the start of the school year until the second last Friday in February.

An exhibition debate and information evening is to be held just before registrations close.

Registrations are now conducted solely online, using our registration form. An invoice will be provided for the registration fees.

Following feedback on changes to the length of competition in recent years, the TDU has produced a fixture for this year's competition which runs to six rounds over two terms.

Registration fees

Each school will receive an invoice for registration fees, payable by EFT or cheque. Remittance should be sent to the Treasurer when payment is made.

The registration fee is:

  1. Novice competition - $150 per team
  2. Grade 8 competition - $150 per team
  3. Grade 9 competition - $150 per team
  4. Grade 10 competition - $200 per team
  5. College competition - $200 per team

Registration fees are not subject to GST.

Team numbers

Each school may enter as many teams as it wishes in any given age level. However, coaches should be aware that each school's teams in any given age level may be spread amongst the divisions.

Although an individual team is not rostered to debate more often than once per fortnight, debates are held every week, with half of the teams competing one week, and the other competing on the alternate week. As a consequence, whilst effort will be made to minimise inconvenience, coaches cannot be assured that all of their teams will compete on the same night of the competition.

Although a team only needs to provide three (3) individual speakers and a chair or timekeeper on any given night of competition, experience suggests that any team that cannot call on at least five (5) students at the start of competition is likely to have difficulty fielding a team later in the season, especially in winter months.