How do I register my team/school for the TDU competition?

Registration for the 2023 Schools Competition are now open, and will close on Friday 3 March.  Registrations are conducted through our online registration form.

Something isn't right on my scoresheet. Who should I tell?

Adjudicators endeavour to check their results thoroughly before they announce a winner, or log their information into our database. However, mistakes do happen, and if you notice something wrong on your scoresheet, please contact the Schools Coordinator.

I am unhappy with the conduct of an adjudicator. How do I make a complaint?

The Tasmanian Debating Union expects adjudicators to uphold standards of fairness and appropriate and respectful conduct at all times. If you are dissatisfied with the conduct of an adjudicator, please fill out our online complaints form.

I'm a debater, and I don't want my name displayed on this website! What should I do?

The TDU online database is intended as a tool for raising the profile of debating, and providing up-to-date and detailed feedback to teams and debaters.

We understand that some debaters may not want their name or their statistics displayed online. If this is the case for you, you may elect to withhold publication of your name, your statistics or both in your Account Settings. Alternatively, you may contact the Webmaster to have your name and personal record withheld. For other privacy information, please note our privacy policy.

How can I become an adjudicator?

Adjudicators are required to undertake training, and to shadow adjudicate debates to the satisfaction of an existing adjudicator before qualifying as an accredited adjudicator. Adjudicators may obtain different levels of accreditation, based on their expertise and experience, including achieving nationally recognised accreditation. Contact the Chief Adjudicator for more information.

Do adjudicators get paid?

The TDU is run by volunteers who believe that critical thinking and the ability to communicate ideas are skills that everybody should learn. Adjudicators receive an honorarium for their service, but the TDU does not have any paid staff.