The Tasmanian Debating Union is Tasmania's premier debating organisation for schools level competition, training and development. The TDU was founded in 1981 and is the sole Tasmanian affiliate of the Australian Debating Federation.

The TDU organises and conducts schools competitions for all levels of secondary education in southern Tasmania, and works with partners in the north of the state and the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association to conduct an annual statewide tournament.

The TDU also undertakes training and development of debaters and adjudicators across the state, and each year selects a team to represent Tasmania at the Australian Debating Championships.

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COVID-19 Safety Plan | 21 July 2020

The TDU looks forward to welcoming students, coaches and parents back to debating this week. For the health and safety of all participants in debating, our COVID-19 Safety Plan will be in place at all host schools for the remainder of the 2020 Schools Competition. Click here to see the full plan.

Resumption of Schools Competition | 3 July 2020

The 2020 Schools Competition will resume in person at New Town High School on Wednesday July 22. Debates initially scheduled for Round 1 of the Novice and College competitions, with topics as originally advertised, will take place on this date at their originally scheduled times. Adjustments to audience numbers may be required to comply with current public health guidelines; these will be confirmed by email and on the TDU website closer to the date.

In line with feedback on the Competition's length, and to accommodate school hosting availabilities, the Competition will run for a reduced duration of four rounds, allowing it to conclude at the end of term three.

We understand that it may be difficult under the circumstances for schools to continue to field the number of teams initially entered in the Competition, and are happy to adjust the roster to accommodate any team withdrawals that are necessary. We ask that coaches and school coordinators consult their school debating communities to determine whether teams will be unable to continue in the Competition and contact the Competition coordinators to advise of any withdrawals as soon as possible, ideally before Wednesday July 22.

Please contact the Executive with any questions regarding the Competition's resumption or if there is anything we can do to assist your school in returning to the Competition. We look forward to welcoming you back to debating on July 22.