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Start Finish Debate Grade Affirmative Negative Topic Outcome
7:15 PM 8:05 PM S2014DNGF1 Novice New Town High School 1 St Mary's College 1 That we should remove the minimum voting age Negative win
7:15 PM 8:00 PM S2014D8GF1 Class 8 New Town High School 2 The Hutchins School 1 That religious leaders should not encourage people to vote a particular way Negative win
7:15 PM 8:15 PM S2014D9GF1 Class 9 Ogilvie High School 1 New Town High School 1 That welfare payments should be dependent on people undertaking education or training Affirmative win
8:00 PM 9:10 PM S2014DTGF1 Class 10 The Friends' School 2 Ogilvie High School 1 That we should abolish the Senate Negative win
8:00 PM 9:25 PM S2014DCGF1 College Fahan School 1 Hobart College 3 That parties should have to nominate core election promises that would trigger another election if broken Negative win