Ladder position (subject to finalisation)

Place Team Points Average rank H2H wins Average margin
3 The Hutchins School 3 17.00 3.04 N/A 1.29
4 St Mary's College 1 17.00 3.46 N/A -0.08
5 Elizabeth College 1 14.00 2.94 N/A 3.75

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Date Time Venue Debate Outcome Opponent Side Topic
15 March 2017 8:10 PM The Hutchins School S2017DC007 Win Guilford Young College 1 Negative That we should implement parenting licences
29 March 2017 8:10 PM St Mary's College S2017DC015 Win Guilford Young College 2 Affirmative That we should eliminate agricultural subsidies
12 April 2017 8:10 PM Guilford Young College S2017DC023 Loss Elizabeth College 1 Negative That we should fight terror with torture
10 May 2017 8:10 PM UTAS Faculty of Law S2017DC031 Win by forfeit The Hutchins School 1 Affirmative That juries should return "not guilty" verdicts where they believe it would be unjust for defendants to be punished
24 May 2017 8:10 PM Dominic College S2017DC039 Win Hobart College 2 Negative That we should abolish exceptions to the Racial Discrimination Act for artistic works
7 June 2017 8:10 PM Taroona High School S2017DC047 Win Fahan School 1 Affirmative That parties should have to nominate core election promises that would trigger another election if broken
26 July 2017 7:50 PM Hobart College S2017DCSF2 Loss Hobart College 2 Negative That teachers’ pay should be based on students’ performance