Date Time Venue Debate Outcome Opponent Side Topic
21 March 2012 7:30 PM Hobart College S2012DT003 Loss by forfeit The Friends' School 2 Negative Advised subject: Health
4 April 2012 6:30 PM Fahan School S2012DT010 Loss New Town High School 2 Affirmative That classes should be streamed according to ability
9 May 2012 7:30 PM Kingston High School S2012DT017 Win Sacred Heart College 1 Negative That children should be denied entry to MONA
23 May 2012 6:30 PM Elizabeth College S2012DT024 Loss New Town High School 1 Affirmative That we should ban bikie gangs
4 July 2012 7:30 PM St Mary's College S2012DT030 Cancelled Clarence High School 1 Negative Advised subject: Animal rights
18 July 2012 6:30 PM St Aloysius Catholic College S2012DT035 Win by forfeit The Friends' School 1 Affirmative That democracy depends on editorial independence
1 August 2012 7:30 PM St Michael's Collegiate S2012DT040 Loss Ogilvie High School 1 Negative That we prefer jobs to habitats