Ladder position (subject to finalisation)

Place Team Points Average rank H2H wins Average margin
1 Ogilvie High School 2 24.00 2.97 N/A 3.67
2 The Friends' School 2 19.00 3.44 N/A 1.88
3 New Town High School 1 14.00 3.57 N/A 0.60

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Date Time Venue Debate Outcome Opponent Side Topic
30 March 2011 7:15 PM Taroona High School S2011D9002 Win Fahan School 1 Affirmative That we should allow performance enhancing drugs in sport
13 April 2011 7:30 PM Elizabeth College S2011D9050 Win Ogilvie High School 3 Negative That we prefer charity to taxation
11 May 2011 7:15 PM Hobart College S2011D9056 Win by forfeit Mount Carmel College 1 Affirmative That all we need is English
25 May 2011 7:30 PM Fahan School S2011D9062 Cancelled New Town High School 2 Negative That poker machines should be banned
6 July 2011 8:40 PM Ogilvie High School S2011D9067 Win by forfeit Ogilvie High School 1 Negative Advised subject: National service
20 July 2011 7:30 PM The Friends' School (Argyle Street campus) S2011D9072 Win The Friends' School 2 Affirmative That smokers should pay their own hospital bills
3 August 2011 7:55 PM Hobart College S2011D9076 Win The Friends' School 1 Negative That we should not punish people for retaliating against bullies
7 October 2011 10:00 AM Ogilvie High School S2011D9SF1 Win New Town High School 1 Negative That there is too much violence on TV
12 October 2011 7:30 PM New Town High School S2011D9GF1 Win The Friends' School 2 Affirmative That we need fewer councils in Tasmania