Ladder position (subject to finalisation)

Place Team Points Average rank H2H wins Average margin
1 Hobart College 1 16.00 2.80 N/A 5.20
2 Elizabeth College 2 16.00 3.17 N/A 2.00
3 St Michael's Collegiate 1 16.00 3.33 N/A 2.00

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Date Time Venue Debate Outcome Opponent Side Topic
3 April 2019 8:00 PM Hobart College S2019DC007 Loss Hobart College 1 Affirmative That women should not pay tax
1 May 2019 8:00 PM Taroona High School S2019DC013 Win Elizabeth College 1 Negative That movements for the liberation of oppressed groups should attempt to include and appeal to individuals outside those groups
15 May 2019 8:00 PM UTAS Faculty of Law S2019DC019 Win Hobart College 2 Affirmative That Australia should adopt an inquisitorial legal system
29 May 2019 8:00 PM Elizabeth College S2019DC025 Win by forfeit Elizabeth College 3 Negative Advised subject: Australian politics: politicians' eligibility
12 June 2019 8:00 PM Fahan School S2019DC031 Win The Friends' School 2 Affirmative That developed countries should not be eligible to host the Olympic Games
3 July 2019 5:30 PM Elizabeth College S2019DC004 Win by forfeit The Hutchins School 1 Affirmative Advised subject: Animals and the environment: environmental activism
24 July 2019 7:50 PM St Michael's Collegiate S2019DCSF2 St Michael's Collegiate 1 Negative Advised subject: Art and culture: freedom of speech and expression